cat love | Organic duck with organic zucchini, organic millet, organic coconut flakes

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cat love | Organic duck with organic zucchini, organic millet from pure natural food

KatzenLiebe "Organic Duck with Organic Zucchini " is gluten-free premium cat food with a high proportion of duck meat. It promotes a healthy and balanced diet for your cat and contains duck, organic zucchini, organic millet, organic coconut flakes and taurine. Only products from species-appropriate animal husbandry are used to produce the wet food and all nutrients, minerals and vitamins are largely retained in their natural form. Each menu contains different nutrients and vitamins, so we recommend a varied feeding of the different menus.


  • Gluten free
  • Without binders, flavor enhancers and preservatives
  • Without flavors and colorings
  • Without synthetic vitamins
  • Meat from species-appropriate husbandry

Organic duck (93% - consisting of 80% breast meat, 5% heart, 5% neck, 5% carcass, 5% liver) with organic zucchini*, organic millet*, organic coconut flakes*, taurine, *from controlled organic farming. DE-Eco-006

analytical components
Moisture 73.69%, crude protein 11.0%, crude fat 10.6%, crude fiber 0.6%, crude ash 2.18%, Ca 4577 mg/kg, P 3383 mg/kg, iodine 0.28 mg/kg

without artificial additives

feeding recommendation
A normal adult cat needs about 200g per day. This corresponds to about 3% of their body weight.

manufacturer info
KatzenLieb produces the best organic cat food with fresh raw materials that come exclusively from German, ecological agriculture. The meat used comes from species-appropriate husbandry and all fruit and vegetable ingredients are free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. For the production of the menus, KatzenLiebe prefers ingredients from regional, organic farming and all additives such as binding agents, preservatives and flavor enhancers are consistently avoided. Since only a few selected ingredients are used in KatzenLiebe products, they are very well tolerated. So that your cat is optimally cared for, all important nutrients, trace elements and vitamins are naturally and carefully put together for each menu.