Code of Ethics

The PetsFinest Code of Ethics defines our rules of conduct and reflects the core moral principles for our company and our team.

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The top priority is respect for people and of course animals. We treat our counterparts as we would like to be treated. This applies to our customers as well as to our colleagues. When selecting our manufacturers and suppliers, we pay particular attention to animal welfare and respect for nature and the environment.


Honesty and integrity are among the high standards of our conduct. We always act correctly according to our knowledge. In all areas of the PetsFinest world, we strive for a lasting and trusting business relationship in which we act openly and honestly.


Each team member has a responsibility to protect PetsFinest's assets. The products of our selected manufacturers are, among other things, sustainable, handmade, of organic quality and much more. Therefore, our employees handle each item with care and do not use it for their own benefit.


Our activities, promotions, information and statements are legal, accurate and truthful. Transactions and contracts with customers, suppliers and partners are concluded lawfully and properly.


Regardless of the group of people to which our employees feel they belong, they are integrated into the team as part of the PetsFinest family and are valued as a valuable part and accepted without prejudice. We are convinced that a happy employee contributes to the success of the company.


Managers, as the face of the company, are responsible for ensuring that all business areas and employees adhere to the defined code. It is therefore particularly important to us that our managers, as role models and representatives, act and make decisions based on the values ​​that have been created.