beeztees | Puppy Rest Comfort dog sleeping bag

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beeztees | Puppy Rest Comfort dog sleeping bag

The Beeztees Puppy sleeping bag Baggy is not only a nice, warm place for puppies, but also a cute accessory for your home. The sleeping bag is made of plush and looks like a dog pillow with a blanket over it. Your pup can snuggle up under the covers and feel safe and secure.

The sleeping bag is equipped with a zipper so that the pillow can be easily removed from the sleeping bag and washed if necessary. This makes cleaning very easy and ensures that the sleeping bag stays clean and hygienic.

The beeztees Puppy sleeping bag baggy has a size of 67 x 42 cm. It offers enough space for your pup to lie down and sleep comfortably. The sleeping bag is particularly suitable for puppies who want to withdraw into small caves and feel safe and secure.

Overall, the beeztees Puppy Sleeping Bag Baggy is a cute and practical accessory for your home that offers your pup a cozy and safe place to sleep and relax.