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LILA LOVES IT - Cleanies - Eye & Ear Care

The CLEANIES are washable cleaning pads. For many cleaning steps of our animals we support with LILA LOVES I T products and if necessary a cotton pad or a handkerchief - especially for example the eye or ear care. With the CLEANIES from LILA LOVES IT we want to declare war on disposable cosmetics. Not only the use of CLEANIES in general, but also the eye and ear care routine are even more sustainable. The pad itself is a mixture of super fluffy bamboo viscose (80%) and cotton (20%) and is therefore particularly non-irritating, if not calming. After use, the pads can easily be washed at 40°C in the washable cotton bag. You can purchase our CLEANIES separately as a 4-pack in a practical cotton bag. Alternatively, you can also order them directly in the ear or eye care set.

Please note the LILA LOVES IT cleanies are not in the original box.


  • Clean particularly gently
  • Washable at 40°C
  • Especially for eye and ear care
  • Also available in the corresponding set
  • Also for puppies
  • Practical helper in everyday life
  • Also for on the go

After treating sensitive skin (e.g. ears, eyes), moisten the CLEANIE if necessary and thus gently remove the residue of the cleaner. Can also be used to apply cleansers, tinctures or creams.

After use, the pads can easily be washed at 40°C in the enclosed cotton bag.

manufacturer information
LILA LOVES IT are high-quality and sustainable care products, feed, dietary supplements and accessories for your dog. All products, which are suitable for every breed of dog, are produced using a combination of natural ingredients and innovations from human medicine. The manufacturer not only relies on future-oriented research and the constant further development of the LILA LOVES IT care products, but also on luxurious and selected components. LILA LOVES IT produces natural products free of parabens or artificial fragrances. The addition of genetically modified raw materials and nanoparticles is completely avoided. The lining of LILA LOVES IT is made from regional products. Special, supra-regional ingredients complement the recipes in a meaningful and sustainable way. Animal testing was consistently avoided in the development of all products.