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LILA LOVES IT - BASKET SPRAY for the well-being of the dog

The BASKET SPRAY calms your dog with a pleasant scent and ensures a healthy well-being. The essential oils in the spray give your dog a relaxing balance, which it needs, for example, in stressful situations in the car, at the vet or under heavy stress. Simply apply to the basket, blanket or furniture and the BASKET SPRAY creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere. Ordenone in the new formulation of our BASKET SPRAY "encases" foul-smelling molecules and thereby neutralizes bad odours. Not only does our dog benefit from the soothing scent of lavender, but also us masters and mistresses from clean-smelling dog beds, transport boxes and wherever else your four-legged friend likes to be. The pleasant scent of the BASKET SPRAY delights dog and master alike and is a real blessing. Lavender oil from Provence calms with the power of its essential oils. In aromatherapy, the scent is used for nervous restlessness and exhaustion, difficulty falling asleep and depressive moods.

Please note that LILA LOVES IT basket spray is not in the original box.


  • Makes you relax
  • Helps in stressful situations
  • Ensures more well-being
  • Neutralizes bad smells
  • Not suitable for cats Application
    The BASKET SPRAY is not intended for use on pets. The spray should only be used on the basket, blanket and pillows. The spray must not be used near open flames and should not be used on plastic (such as shipping boxes). Apply to textiles only. Please keep a spray distance of approx. 20 cm.


manufacturer information

LILA LOVES IT are high-quality and sustainable care products, feed, dietary supplements and accessories for your dog. All products, which are suitable for every breed of dog, are produced using a combination of natural ingredients and innovations from human medicine. The manufacturer not only relies on future-oriented research and the constant further development of the LILA LOVES IT care products, but also on luxurious and selected components. LILA LOVES IT produces natural products free of parabens or artificial fragrances. The addition of genetically modified raw materials and nanoparticles is completely avoided. The lining of LILA LOVES IT is made from regional products. Special, supra-regional ingredients complement the recipes in a meaningful and sustainable way. Animal testing was consistently avoided in the development of all products.