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Lila-Loves-It dental finger cot for cleaning dog teeth

The ZAHN-FINGERLING made of soft, robust micro-fleece reliably removes plaque and tartar from the dog's teeth. Depending on the dog's preference, teeth and gums can be massaged with the finely woven or the coarsely woven side. The advantage over toothbrushes: With the fingerstall, the pressure on the teeth and gums can be dosed really sensitively. Thanks to its silver ion technology, the ZAHN-FINGERLING binds bacteria and thus supports the effect of the toothpaste. Bad breath is reduced. Suitable for all finger sizes.

Please note the LILA LOVES IT toothed fingerstall is not in the original box.


Slip your index finger into the fingerstall. Moisten the tip of the fingerstall briefly. Clean tooth by tooth from all sides with light circular movements. The gums can then be massaged and the tongue cleaned. Rinse with warm water and allow to dry after each use. Disinfection by boiling, microwave or steam sterilization is possible.

manufacturer information
LILA LOVES IT are high-quality and sustainable care products, feed, dietary supplements and accessories for your dog. All products, which are suitable for every breed of dog, are produced using a combination of natural ingredients and innovations from human medicine. The manufacturer not only relies on future-oriented research and the constant further development of the LILA LOVES IT care products, but also on luxurious and selected components. LILA LOVES IT produces natural products free of parabens or artificial fragrances. The addition of genetically modified raw materials and nanoparticles is completely avoided. The lining of LILA LOVES IT is made from regional products. Special, supra-regional ingredients complement the recipes in a meaningful and sustainable way. Animal testing was consistently avoided in the development of all products.