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Pezz produces uncomplicated urine tests for cats and dogs that can be easily performed at home. With the help of the tests, abnormalities in the urine can be detected early and serious diseases can be avoided. The digital App from Pezz makes evaluating the test strips child's play. You will receive a result and recommendations for action on your smartphone within minutes.

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product information
The Pezz Dog Urine Test Kit is the first home digital canine urine test. The values ​​of the most common diseases are tested and in a few minutes you will receive a result checked by specialist staff with recommendations for action. With the urine test kit for dogs, you can test easily and stress-free while walking your dog.

The important urine parameters pH value, protein, ketones, leukocytes, hemoglobin, specific gravity and glucose are determined in order to identify signs of bladder and kidney diseases, infections, diabetes and inflammatory diseases at an early stage.

It's that easy : Collect the urine sample with the simple and hygienic collection aid especially for dogs. Scan the test strip with the Pezz app and get a digital, expert-verified result in minutes. Test regularly to identify changes early.


  • Optimal care
  • Developed with vets
  • Test at home without stress
  • Evaluation with the free app
  • Simple recommendations for action