Loisachtaler - salmon and vegetable pot

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Loisachtaler salmon and vegetable pot from pure natural food (70% salmon, 30% vegetables)

The natural wet food is therefore optimally digestible, healthy and tasty. The high quality is ensured by fresh, purely natural ingredients and gentle processing. In addition, the content of selected nutrients in the animal feed is regularly checked by an independent and recognized laboratory to ensure the high quality standard.

Adult, wet food, salmon

Freshly slaughtered salmon: 70.00%, carrots: 20.00%, celery: 5.00%, zucchini: 5.00%

analytical components
Crude protein: 8.50%, crude fat: 12.40%, crude ash: 2.60%, crude fibre: 0.60%, moisture: 73.10%, calcium: 0.50%, phosphorus: 0.40%

without artificial additives

feeding recommendation
The amount of food depends strongly on activity and age.
Your dog should always have fresh water available.

manufacturer info

The Loisachtaler brand stands for dog food of the highest quality. It manufactures natural food products for dogs and consistently avoids preservatives, chemical additives, flavor enhancers, binding agents, molded meat, animal and bone meal, slaughterhouse waste, added fat, flavorings, plant and grain flour, genetically modified ingredients, foreign proteins, sugar additives and attractants. Only freshly slaughtered meat that has been approved for human consumption (food quality) is used.