Herrmann's Light Organic Turkey | apple salad topi zucchini celery linseed oil | Pouch

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Hermanns organic turkey with zucchini and apple - gluten-free complete food (50% turkey meat)

Herrmann's Selection Light is a complete feed for dogs of all ages. The two light menus in the Light or Vegan product line are characterized by very low-fat, high-fiber and gluten-free ingredients, which are particularly beneficial for four-legged friends with weight problems.

Adult, wet food, complete food, poultry, turkey


  • Complete feed for supplying your pet with all the nutrients
  • A food for dogs of all ages
  • Suitable for dogs with allergies
  • For four-legged friends with weight problems
  • Gluten-free and lactose-free dog food
  • Without sugar and flavor enhancers
  • Without animal testing and factory farming
  • From our own production in Germany

50% organic turkey (80% breast meat, 5% neck, 5% heart, 5% liver, 5% carcass), psyllium, organic apple 15%, organic zucchini 9%, organic root vegetables, organic linseed oil, organic psyllium, organic lettuce

analytical components
Moisture 78.23%, crude protein 8.60%, crude fat 5.95%, crude fiber 1.75%, crude ash 1.56%


feeding recommendation
from the 2nd month approx. 2-5% of the body weight per day
depending on age and phase of life

Attention : The feeding recommendation can only be a guideline and must be adapted to the individual energy requirements of the animal according to the age and the respective development

Your pet should also always have fresh water available

manufacturer info
Herrmanns Tiernahrung is organically certified and works with regional products without synthetic additives, without pesticides and also without genetic engineering. The high-quality dog ​​food from Herrmanns, which consists of only a single protein source, therefore enables natural and species-appropriate feeding.