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Feeding bowl "Balu" - stylish, unbreakable bowl variant

Enamel feeding bowls are an uncomplicated and, above all, stylish alternative to fragile glass or ceramic bowls and an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Completely without questionable raw materials and without harmful PAH substances. The smooth surface is easy to clean and resistant to bacteria.

Food-safe and so beautiful that the bowls can also be used on the table for muesli, pasta, etc. At least if your dog doesn't understand this as an invitation to or onto the table. It's actually his bowl!

dog bowl,

Robust, unbreakable, dirt-repellent, bacteria-resistant, cannot rust, dishwasher-safe* and extremely temperature-resistant.


  • S | 14cm Ø upper inner edge | 5.5 cm height | 0.6 liter capacity | for small dogs & cats
  • M | 20cm Ø upper inner edge | 6.5 cm height | 1 liter capacity. | for small to medium-sized dogs
  • L | 26cm Ø upper inner edge | 9cm height | 2.5 liter capacity | for medium to large dogs

Robust sheet steel with enamelled surface.
Enamel is powdered glass used to seal the surface of the bowl.

Notice & Care
Acid, e.g. from fruit or from dishwasher tabs or cleaning agents that contain citric acid, for example, can attack the surface.
Please do not store very acidic fruits such as lemons or strawberries in it. Cleaning in the dishwasher only with an acid-free cleaning agent.

In the case of extremely extreme impacts (e.g. if you drop the bowl on a hard floor), the enamel can crack and flake off.

Handwork. Made in Europe.

A robust alternative to plastic bowls, no questionable raw materials, no harmful PAH substances. Plastic free. Recyclable.

manufacturer information
Lill's Organic Dog Store produces sustainable, natural dog accessories and dog food. All toys and snacks in the shop are ecologically safe and free from harmful additives. All products and packaging are free of plastic, can be reused and 100% recycled or consist of upcycled materials. Lill 's products are manufactured under fair working conditions in Europe. All treats and snacks are not tested on animals and the meat does not come from factory farming. Sustainability and your dog's health are top priorities at Lill's .