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Deer antlers (halved) from Lills - the dog snack made from naturally shed antlers

The 100% pure deer antler is ideal as a dog snack for puppies in the change of teeth and as an alternative for dogs with a chewing instinct. So that they don't tamper with furniture such as table and chair legs.

This dog snack consists of naturally shed antlers from free-ranging European deer.

100% natural product, rich in calcium, contains valuable minerals and trace elements, natural, made in Germany | strengthens the chewing muscles | helps with teeth cleaning

Lovingly handcrafted by a manufactory in Germany.

analytical components
35.7% crude protein, 0.2% fat content, 0.2% crude fiber, 55.5% crude ash, 9.1% moisture, 20 g / 100 g calcium, 9.3 g / 100 g phosphorus, 520 mg / 100 g sodium, 450 mg/100 g magnesium, 43 mg/100 g potassium, 42 mg/100 g iron

without artificial additives

feeding recommendation
Please do not leave your dog unattended while nibbling on the chew. Ideally, you shouldn't let your dog nibble on the deer antlers for more than 30 minutes. Not suitable for dogs that chew excessively (dogs that have a high destructive instinct), as they can injure their teeth.











manufacturer information

Lill's Organic Dog Store produces sustainable, natural dog accessories and dog food. All toys and snacks in the shop are ecologically safe and free from harmful additives. All products and packaging are free of plastic, can be reused and 100% recycled or consist of upcycled materials. Lill 's products are manufactured under fair working conditions in Europe. All treats and snacks are not tested on animals and the meat does not come from factory farming. Sustainability and your dog's health are top priorities at Lill's .