Lill's | dog brush | Undercoat "Iris" | 12x6cm

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Undercoat brush "Iris" - to make it easier for the dog to change its coat

The sustainable fur brush "Iris" from Lill's is ideal for brushing out the undercoat. Ideal for the change of coat, in which the dog should be brushed daily to make it easier for him to change coat. Even during the tick season, little animals can be brushed out of their fur before they actually bite. The Lill's dog fur brushes are made in a German factory with great attention to detail and in a responsible way with our environment. The wood of the brush consists of oiled beech wood from sustainable forestry and forestry in Germany. The leather of the hand straps is made of vegetable-tanned, undyed leather and the cushion is made of natural rubber, fitted with bristles made of angled wire pins.

Size: about 12 x 6cm


  • Ideal for changing coats
  • Without animal suffering
  • Ecological & sustainable
  • Made in Germany

manufacturer information
Lill's Organic Dog Store produces sustainable, natural dog accessories and dog food. All toys and snacks in the shop are ecologically safe and free from harmful additives. All products and packaging are free of plastic, can be reused and 100% recycled or consist of upcycled materials. Lill 's products are manufactured under fair working conditions in Europe. All treats and snacks are not tested on animals and the meat does not come from factory farming. Sustainability and your dog's health are top priorities at Lill's .