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"Birthday Cake"

This dog intelligence game for a special occasion - such as your furry friend's birthday. So that your dog can enjoy exploring for years, it is made of FSC®-certified wood, which has been coated with a layer of transparent water-based paint that is harmless to humans and animals. The game should be protected from moisture, otherwise the wooden parts may swell.

The "Birthday Cake" trains a dog's concentration and dexterity and promotes its natural instincts: curiosity, play instinct and sense of smell. Due to the various design options, this game can be used for both beginners and advanced players.

The game consists of a round base with 4 drawers and a moveable, smaller 2-level with 4 cut-outs for rollers. In the middle is a plate with the birthday number under which a treat can be hidden in a recess. In order to get to this, the dog must first push out the tile (with the birthday number).

The drawers in the base are blocked by long rollers that the dog must first remove in order to pull out the drawers and get to the treats hidden there. There are 4 more candles (rollers) on the disc, under which treats are also hidden. The middle, smaller disc can be spun when the 4 blocking reels (candles) are removed. By turning, the dog can get additional rewards from the openings hidden under the disc.

In total, the game offers up to 21 hiding places/obstacles that the dog has to solve. The game comes with stickers for the birthday year from 1 to 18.

The game consists of a round base and two moving levels. On the upper level there are reels that can be removed. The second level is a flower with five cut out "petals" under which treats can be hidden in openings. The third level can be rotated independently of the second level and contains five reels, under which treats can also be hidden. The dog can reach this if he removes the blocking rollers. Between the "petals" are openings for blocking reels, which the dog must remove before he can spin the second level of the game and thus get to the dry snacks hidden under the "petals". Under the third level between the openings for the rollers there are additional (smaller) hiding places for treats, which the dog can only fish out after adjusting/rotating the disc accordingly. The "Dog Flower" comes with 10 tokens (reels). The game offers up to 21 hiding spots for dry treats.

Manufacturer info:
My Intelligent Pets are a team of thinkers, tinkerers, tinkerers, realists, enthusiasts and, of course, playing dogs. They develop intelligent games where dogs and cats have fun and are encouraged. The aim is to develop games that are challenging but solvable for your dog/cat. Only natural and harmless materials are used.