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SmoothieDog stands for 100% transparency and 100% food quality. Each bottle contains only the best of meat, vegetables, herbs, fruit and superfoods. In addition, the possible uses for enjoying the delicious and healthy smoothie are as diverse as your four-legged friend. Whether on the go, during training, as a delicious addition to the feed or even frozen on the licking mat - there is something for every furry friend.

Adult, Snack, Beef

product information
The SmoothieDog beef contains the best beef, carrots, root parsley and beetroot. Root parsley strengthens your dog's immune system and is good for teeth and bones. The smoothie is refined by the slightly sweet taste of the rose hips, which also support the immune system. Quinoa and delicious herbs round off the smoothie and each ingredient brings its own superpower. Our promise: our smoothie bottles really only contain what's on the label.


  • Own, family-run production
  • Production by hand
  • 100% food grade
  • Pure muscle meat
  • Sugar & grain free
  • Free from additives
  • No by-products

Water and beef broth (55.6%), beef (lean meat) (26.1%), beetroot (5.2%), root parsley (5.2%), carrots (5.2%), berries ( 1.6%), quinoa (0.6%), rose hips (0.2%), lemon balm (0.1%), oregano (0.1%), thyme (0.1%)

analytical components
Crude protein 6.8%, crude fat 0.9%, crude fiber 0.2%, crude ash 0.6%, moisture 88.9%

without artificial additives

feeding recommendation
Feed as a supplementary feed as part of a balanced and varied diet. Content can be portioned thanks to the resealable bottle. Store in a cool place after opening and use within 3 days