Terra Canis | Sun Keeper - Beef with coconut sun-ripened fruit & turmeric

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When it comes to the philosophy of nutrition , Terra Canis follows the example of the ancestors of our beloved four-legged friends. The dog has been domesticated for thousands of years. Unlike its appearance, its digestive tract differs only slightly from that of the wolf. As carnivores and omnivores, both get most of their energy requirements from animal protein. For this reason, every meal must contain a large proportion of meat. The natural prey and plant-based food environment of the wolf/dog in nature is free of synthetics and chemicals. When it comes to the supply of nutrients to the dog, too, we look back to nature. An optimal supply of nutrients can be guaranteed with vegetables, fruit, herbs and purely natural additives (e.g. mineral earth, seaweed, pollen, eggshell, brewer's yeast, rosehip, etc.). The Terra Canis feed, developed with veterinarians, consists of 100% food-grade raw materials, relies on low-grain recipes and guarantees the supply of all vital nutrients.

Adult, wet food, beef

product information

With the "Save the planet" line, Terra Canis sets an example for more climate protection, because dogs can also become climate sponsors. With every "Save the planet" menu purchased, very specific environmental projects for sustainable energy, clean seas or the reforestation of forests are permanently supported. For each can purchased, an amount of money is donated to the respective project. The idea behind the menus is to actively involve our four-legged friends in environmental protection and at the same time to feed them in a species-appropriate, healthy and natural way. The menus are based on ingredients that are typical for the respective projects and also offer a lot of healthy things for the dog. All environmental protection menus are based on high digestibility, good tolerability and a species-appropriate composition with only ingredients of 100% genuine food quality. With the "Save the planet" menus, environmental awareness starts right away in the bowl and can do a lot of good.


With its highly healthy formula, the Sun Keeper provides the dog with everything it needs for its daily needs and at the same time brings light into the darkness where it is needed. With the Terra Canis Sun Keeper menu, edible sunlight comes into the bowl for your four-legged friend. Juicy beef is accompanied by high-energy sweet potato and sun-ripened fruit - mango, melon, kiwi & peach. Coconut flour ensures a balanced gastrointestinal flora and provides valuable dietary fiber. The sun-loving herbs lavender, thyme and marjoram provide many natural micro-nutrients. An extra power kick is provided by ground sunflower seeds and linseed oil, which provides healthy, essential fatty acids in the Sun Keeper. With a high content of chlorophyll, the "green sunlight", the superfood spirulina brings numerous highly healthy micronutrients and antioxidants into the bowl.


  • 100% food grade of all raw materials
  • Environmental awareness in the dog bowl
  • Your dog as climate godfather
  • 10 cent donation to Little Sun
  • Lots of healthy, sun-ripened ingredients
  • Suitable for all normal-weight adult dogs of any breed


Beef heart (35%), carrot, zucchini, beef lung (11%), beef liver (8%), millet (5%), sweet potato, apple (5%), mango (2%), peach (2%), kiwi ( 2%), melon (2%), coconut flour (1%), linseed oil, brewer's yeast*, oyster shell*, sunflower seeds (0.3%), lavender*, marjoram*, thyme*, lemon balm*, purslane*, turmeric* ( 0.1%), spirulina*, mineral earth*, seaweed*, minerals *dried

analytical components

Protein: 8% Fat content: 5.9% Crude fiber: 0.8% Crude ash: 1.4% Moisture: 80.4%
MJ/kg: 3.8

Nutritional additives/kg

Vit. D3 (3a671): 350 IU, Vit. E (3a700): 75 IU, Copper (3b405): 1.5 mg, Iodine (3b201): 0.8 mg, Zinc (3b603): 40 mg

Meat : millet: vegetables/fruit/herbs : other raw materials = 54% : 5% : 38%: 3%

Feeding recommendation (g/body mass)

  • 5kg 300 - 400g
  • 10kg 500 - 600g
  • 20kg 800 - 1000g
  • 30kg 1100 - 1400g

Approximate values ​​are to be adjusted to the individual living conditions of your dog (exercise, activity, breed, metabolism, season).
We recommend regular weight checks