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trends and more - LEUCHTIE Plus

This waterproof and particularly bright light collar - a real alternative to cordless light collars - switches on and off via a motion sensor. It has particularly low operating costs, as it is powered by commercially available and inexpensive AAA alkaline batteries, which enable sensationally low battery costs of only 1 cent per hour. The LEUCHTIE Plus has an extremely long burn time of many months before the batteries have to be replaced. The collar is equipped with very bright Superflux LEDs, which are visible from all sides for hundreds of meters and ensure the greatest possible safety for both dog and human. The collar is 100% waterproof and very durable, reliable and tried and tested in practice worldwide since 2003.

It has a collar or harness attachment loop and is available in eye-catching colors to make dogs visible from long distances. The collar is made by hand in Germany and the materials and suppliers are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and social responsibility.

In addition, LEUCHTIE is a sustainable product that does not have to be thrown away, as it offers an uncomplicated repair service and cheap spare parts.