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VEGDOG All-In Veluxe - mineral powder for adult dogs

The vegan, supplementary mineral powder for is ideal for you if you feed your dog vegan, because it ensures that your dog's needs are fully covered. ALL-IN VELUXE is odor-optimized and ingredients such as vitamin B1&7 or taurine ensure strong nerves, a healthy coat and heart health. The suggested recipes are also suitable for sensitive children, as only highly digestible, non-allergenic and naturally healthy products are used. All ingredients are largely of regional origin and meet the highest quality standards.

 Animal testing, attractants, dyes and preservatives. Meets the highest quality standards and is vegan.

Calcium Carbonate, Extracted Brewer's Yeast, Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride

analytical components
crude protein 26.6%; crude fat 0.06%; crude fiber 0.38%; crude ash 44.5%; Calcium 10.8%; phosphorus 3.1%; sodium 2.5 mg; magnesium 0.1%; DL-Methionine 15%; L-Threonine 3.45%; L-valine 3.1%; L-tryptophan 1.2%; Lysine 0.3%

Vitamin A 200,000 IU, vitamin D3 280,000 IU, vitamin E 800 mg, vitamin B1 50 mg, vitamin B2 150 mg, vitamin B3 250 mg, vitamin B6 50 mg, vitamin B9 10 mg, vitamin B12 1,500 µg, calcium D pantothenate 500 mg, choline chloride 56,000 mg, L-carnitine 24,000 mg, taurine 25,000 mg, iron 150 mg, copper 70 mg, zinc 1,300 mg, selenium 8 mg, iodine 22 mg

ALL-IN VELUXE is suitable for adult dogs - normal weight - normal activity. Not suitable for puppies and lactating bitches, as they have an increased need for nutrients and energy.

Feeding recommendation/24h
The amount of food depends strongly on the run, breed, activity, season and metabolism. These are guidelines.

Weight amount of food
1 - 9kg 1g/kg body weight
10 - 24kg 0.8g/kg body weight
from 24 kg 0.6g/kg body weight

Fresh drinking water is the basis for healthy animal nutrition.

manufacturer info
VEGDOG, created by Nelson. A dog that had been struggling with gastrointestinal problems and itchy skin for years suffered from a food intolerance. Through him, Tessa specialized in a wholesome and vegan diet for dogs, so that Nelson could also eat without any problems. The recipe development took over a year because it had to be the perfect recipe. Ultimately, the first vegan, grain-free and 100% needs-covering complete feed was created. VEGDOG only uses high-quality and regional products, they stand for gentle processing in compliance with the highest German quality standards, in a German production. In addition, animal love is an important topic, VEGDOG adopted the "VEGDOG-HERDE", a group of sheep which was saved from the slaughterhouse and is now allowed to live a peaceful life. With every purchase of VEGDOG products, you not only leave a green paw print and save animal lives, you also support the VEGDOG sheep herd!