Woolly Wolf | Polar Night Snack Bag

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WOOLLY WOLF produces dog accessories such as leashes and harnesses in a beautiful retro style. When developing the unusual products, the creator Maria was inspired by the mountains and forests. The breathtaking landscapes of the Alps, flowing wild rivers and the wilderness of Finnish Lapland are in the designs of the individual accessories by WOOLLY WOLF .

Dog, GOOD STUFF, accessories, treat bags

product information
The Polar Night Snack Bag by WOOLLY WOLF consists of 100% recycled polyester. The design was inspired by the cotton candy pink sky and snowy trees of the polar night. Thanks to the Duraflex clip, the snack bag can be attached anywhere. The drawstring closure makes it super easy to open. The Polar Night Snack Bag comes with a hip belt for optimal attachment even without belt loops.

Size: 12cm x 13cm


  • drawstring closure
  • Lightweight Duraflex clip for attachment
  • With adjustable waist belt
  • 100% Recycled Polyester (REPT)