Finally Spring - What changes with the change of seasons for dogs?

Ein glücklicher Hund im Frühling, dessen Fell sich im Jahreszeitenwechsel verändert.
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Spring is here and the flowers are blooming again! Winter is finally over and the days are getting longer and warmer. For us this means: different clothes and more out into the countryside! But what changes for our four-legged friends when the seasons change? What do you have to consider and what is the best way to help your dog during the transition period? We explain all of this in this blog.

What do you have to consider when the seasons change?

The change from winter to summer brings many changes for our dogs. It is important to make sure that your needs adjust to the new season. Not only the temperature, but also the length of the day increases again in spring. This gives dogs more light and therefore more energy, which contributes to the fact that they can and want to go on more and longer walks.

Change of season means change of fur

The probably most important point is the coat change. Since four-legged friends have to put on new "clothing" to prepare for the warmer temperatures, increased fur loss and itching can occur. During this phase, which varies in speed and intensity for each dog, your darling will need more or less help with grooming, depending on breed, age and coat type.

Higher temperatures, more exercise

Spring brings warmer temperatures. This naturally leads to more exercise and increased activity. Although it's nice and warm outside now and you feel like going for long walks, it's important that you keep to an acclimatization phase so as not to overload your four-legged friend. In this way, you can slowly build up your condition again. So don't go for excessively long walks in early spring and slowly increase the duration and pace.

Farewell to winter bacon!

Another important aspect is getting rid of winter fat. Just like us, our companions often gain a little weight in winter with the same diet but less exercise.

When dogs exercise more and with more joy in the spring, their metabolism gets going so that the fat reserves can be broken down again. With rising temperatures, the appetite of some dogs also decreases somewhat. Drinking behavior also changes with the change of season and increases when it is warmer.

How can you support your dog in the transition to the warm seasons?

To help your dog transition into spring mode, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Comb or brush your dog!

First of all, intensive grooming should be carried out to remove the old, dense winter coat and to support the change to the new, thinner summer coat. In our blog about grooming we have collected many helpful tips and tricks for you.

Adjust the feed rations!

In addition, the feed rations should be adjusted, since the dog consumes fewer calories at higher temperatures. At the same time, he has an increased need for nutrients such as proteins because of the change of coat.

In order to do justice to the change of season, you should always adjust the feeding individually. Most dogs use more energy in the spring and also need more nutrients, so an increase in food rations should be made.

However, if your darling has put on winter fat, adjust the energy supply accordingly. That doesn't mean that you should give him less to eat, as he relies on adequate nutrients in his food. Either switch to a reduced-calorie food or go for healthy treats or snacks like vegetables.

Support your darling with dietary supplements!

In addition, it can make sense to give your dog a helping hand or, more precisely, under their legs with the help of dietary supplements. Some supplements can help boost the dog's immune system to keep them fit and healthy. Vitamin or mineral supplements such as VEGDOG All-In Velux are particularly recommended to improve the general condition of the animal and to remedy any deficiency symptoms that may have occurred.

Take care of the tick prophylaxis!

Now that spring is over, it's also time to ward off ticks, fleas and other parasites. Therefore, use preventive preparations and other aids or talk to your vet about the right measures for your dog. After every walk in the country, search your fur nose for the unwanted animals.

Fit for spring!

The change of season is a wonderful occasion to keep yourself and your dog fit and healthy, but also to adapt your needs to the new season. With a few simple tools, you can ensure that the transition between winter and summer is smooth and stress-free for your dog. Pay attention to possible changes in your dog during this time. So nothing stands in the way of your relaxed start to this beautiful season.


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