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  • PetsFinest steht für nachhaltiges Tierfutter und -bedarf, um die Umwelt zu schonen.

    Nachhaltige Haustierprodukte und ihr positiver Umwelteinfluss

  • Bei PetsFinest gibt es unbedenkliches Haustierspielzeug für Katzen und Hunde.

    Neues aus der Haustierwelt: Unbedenkliches Tierspielzeug mit Unterhaltungswert

  • Das Rezept für Lachs-Kekse wird Deine Katze lieben.

    Rezept: Lachs-Kekse für den Stubentiger

    Tag der Tierkekse - hast du denn bereits eine leckere Belohnung für Deine Samtpfote parat? Nein? Dann können wir Dir schnell aushelfen. Wir haben ein gesundes und unwiderstehliches Rezept für Lachs-Kekse um Deine Miezekatze zu erfreuen. Ganz einfach zuzubereiten - mit Schnurr-Garantie Deines Lieblings.

  • Die bei Petsfinest erhältlichen Hundeleckerlis sind gesund und bringen Deinem Vierbeiner gute Laune!

    Dog and cat treats – how healthy and useful are they really?

    Tasty snacks Whether as a reward for good behavior or just to show your pet some love - treats play an important role in the lives of our dogs and cats. But are these tasty treats good for our pets? In this blog, we explore the question of how healthy they really are, which ingredients you should pay attention to when choosing and how you can use them sensibly.
  • Pollenallergie bei Hund und Katze

    When the pollens fly - seasonal allergies in dogs and cats

    Can pets also have an allergic reaction to pollen, which is more common in a particular season? How can this be recognized and treated? And how can we support our loved ones? You can find the answers and helpful tips for the allergy season in our blog.
  • Hunde und Katzen lieben Hühnersuppe.

    Chicken soup not only for your four-legged friend - also for you

    We have a chicken soup recipe for dogs, cats and of course for you too! Chicken soup is also a very good option for your furry friend in the event of illness. So if your pet has a respiratory infection or the common cold, a chicken soup made with love from you will definitely promote recovery. The soup can even work wonders for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Warum Du beim Futterkauf auf hochwertige Inhaltsstoffe achten solltest

    Why you should pay attention to high-quality ingredients when buying feed

    High-quality feed is crucial for a balanced diet and therefore for health. On the other hand, cheap food of poor quality reduces the quality of life and well-being of your furry companion.
    You can find out why this is the case and how you can recognize high-quality food for pets in our blog.
  • Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Hund+Katze liegen im Trend.

    Dietary supplements for dogs and cats - useful or superfluous?

    Surely you have heard of dietary supplements before. Brimming with vitamins and other active ingredients, they are said to support a healthy lifestyle and are therefore becoming increasingly popular. They can not only help us two-legged friends, but also our four-legged companions and keep them healthy. But what exactly are dietary supplements? Which ones are there for dogs and cats? And do they really make sense or are they completely superfluous? Find out with our blog!
  • Tierarztbesuch mit Katze

    Visiting the vet with a cat – no stress with our tips!

    Anyone who loves cats knows that they are actually very friendly, easygoing and cuddly animals. Actually. But in one situation, most cats show a completely different side: at the vet. There, a loving velvet paw can quickly become a nervous scaredy-cat or even an irrepressible scratching brush. No wonder, after all, a visit to the vet is very unpleasant and stressful for cats . But what can you do to avoid this stress for your cat? In this blog, we explain how you can save your cat the stress of veterinarians with a few tips and tricks.