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  • PetsFinest steht für nachhaltiges Tierfutter und -bedarf, um die Umwelt zu schonen.

    Nachhaltige Haustierprodukte und ihr positiver Umwelteinfluss

  • Bei PetsFinest gibt es unbedenkliches Haustierspielzeug für Katzen und Hunde.

    Neues aus der Haustierwelt: Unbedenkliches Tierspielzeug mit Unterhaltungswert

  • Auch Hundebesitzer können ihren Beitrag für die Umwelt mit diversen Maßnahmen leisten.

    Tag der Erde 22.4. - Dein Beitrag als verantwortungsvoller Tierbesitzer zum Schutz unserer Erde

    Was können wir als verantwortungsvolle Tierbesitzer konkret tun, um unseren ökologischen Fußabdruck zu minimieren und die Natur zu schützen?
    Als Tierbesitzer haben wir dabei eine besondere Verantwortung. Daher beschäftigen wir uns mit der Frage, wie wir unsere Haustiere nicht nur glücklich und gesund, sondern auch umweltfreundlich halten können.
  • Hundeallergie? – Tipps und Hunderassen für Allergiker

    dog allergy? – Tips and dog breeds for allergy sufferers

    Dog fans like to have their four-legged friends around; but what if they are allergic to them: people with a dog allergy.
    Can you keep your own fur nose despite an allergy? We present the answer to this as well as tips and suitable dog breeds for allergy sufferers in this blog.
  • Die verschiedenen Hunderassen haben Tendenzen zu verschiedenen Krankheiten.

    Typical pedigree dog? – breed-specific diseases in dogs

    Just like us, dogs are completely different: whether small or large, sporty or comfortable, everyone has their own peculiarities. The decisive factor is of course his breed, which has a significant influence on his appearance and behavior. But with different breeds come not only different strengths, but also possible weaknesses such as diseases typical of the breed. In this blog we will show you exactly what these are and which of them there are.
  • Das Keramikhalsband gegen Zecken sieht schick aus an Hunden.

    Ceramic collar for dogs - chic new trend against ticks?

    You are not alone on your hikes with your dog in the countryside . There are many dangers lurking in the tall grass, such as ticks . It is therefore important to take measures to protect your four-legged friend , especially during the tick season.
    A new way of doing this is with ceramic dog collars . What exactly they are and how they should work, we explain to you in this blog.
  • Pollenallergie bei Hund und Katze

    When the pollens fly - seasonal allergies in dogs and cats

    Can pets also have an allergic reaction to pollen, which is more common in a particular season? How can this be recognized and treated? And how can we support our loved ones? You can find the answers and helpful tips for the allergy season in our blog.
  • Ein glücklicher Hund im Frühling, dessen Fell sich im Jahreszeitenwechsel verändert.

    Finally Spring - What changes with the change of seasons for dogs?

    What changes for our four-legged friends when the seasons change? What do you have to consider and what is the best way to help your dog during the transition period? We explain all of this in this blog.
  • Hunde und Katzen lieben Hühnersuppe.

    Chicken soup not only for your four-legged friend - also for you

    We have a chicken soup recipe for dogs, cats and of course for you too! Chicken soup is also a very good option for your furry friend in the event of illness. So if your pet has a respiratory infection or the common cold, a chicken soup made with love from you will definitely promote recovery. The soup can even work wonders for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • So gelingt die richtige Fellpflege für schöne Fellnasen

    This is how the right fur care for beautiful fur noses succeeds

    At the latest when changing fur or when cleaning at home we realize that we also have to do something for our darling's fur so that our fluffy friend is fine.

    But how do I properly care for my dog's coat? What tools are there for this and which ones are suitable for my dog? We explain this and much more to you in our blog!

  • Warum Du beim Futterkauf auf hochwertige Inhaltsstoffe achten solltest

    Why you should pay attention to high-quality ingredients when buying feed

    High-quality feed is crucial for a balanced diet and therefore for health. On the other hand, cheap food of poor quality reduces the quality of life and well-being of your furry companion.
    You can find out why this is the case and how you can recognize high-quality food for pets in our blog.
  • Ein glücklicher Hund dank biologischer Ernährung mit veganem Ergänzungsfutter..

    Can you feed dogs vegan? – Benefits and Risks

    Can pets be vegan too? Naturally vegetarian companions like rabbits or guinea pigs live it up and set an example, but what about our carnivorous roommates? Can or may we feed dogs and cats vegan at all? What are possible benefits and risks? You will find the answers in this blog!
  • Auch Hunde können von veganem Hundefutter profitieren.

    Finally become vegan for dogs - Veganuary can support you!

    Do you also have the mission to finally become vegan or to try vegan nutrition? Then maybe Veganuary can help you! This initiative is designed to help people go completely vegan in January.
    But what about our four-legged, actually carnivorous darlings? Can you also become vegan and if so, how does that work?
    Find out with this blog!
  • Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Hund+Katze liegen im Trend.

    Dietary supplements for dogs and cats - useful or superfluous?

    Surely you have heard of dietary supplements before. Brimming with vitamins and other active ingredients, they are said to support a healthy lifestyle and are therefore becoming increasingly popular. They can not only help us two-legged friends, but also our four-legged companions and keep them healthy. But what exactly are dietary supplements? Which ones are there for dogs and cats? And do they really make sense or are they completely superfluous? Find out with our blog!
  • Erkältung bei Hunden – alles nur ein kleiner Schnupfen?

    Colds in dogs - all just a little cold?

    A cold is an annoying illness that catches many in the cold season. But did you know that it can also affect our dogs? But how do you recognize the symptoms of your fur nose? And how to diagnose, treat, and prevent a cold in dogs? We explain that and more to you in this blog.
  • Tierarztbesuch mit Katze

    Visiting the vet with a cat – no stress with our tips!

    Anyone who loves cats knows that they are actually very friendly, easygoing and cuddly animals. Actually. But in one situation, most cats show a completely different side: at the vet. There, a loving velvet paw can quickly become a nervous scaredy-cat or even an irrepressible scratching brush. No wonder, after all, a visit to the vet is very unpleasant and stressful for cats . But what can you do to avoid this stress for your cat? In this blog, we explain how you can save your cat the stress of veterinarians with a few tips and tricks.