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  • PetsFinest steht für nachhaltiges Tierfutter und -bedarf, um die Umwelt zu schonen.

    Nachhaltige Haustierprodukte und ihr positiver Umwelteinfluss

  • Pferdeleckerlis sind beliebte Belohnungen.

    Horse treats - healthy or harmful?

    Every horse owner wants to offer their horse the best possible care. A nice way to achieve this is with treats as a reward or to strengthen the bond between you and your horse. But are these treats healthy or even harmful? In this blog post we go into this question and the different types of treats for horses and what you should look out for when buying them.

  • Die bei Petsfinest erhältlichen Hundeleckerlis sind gesund und bringen Deinem Vierbeiner gute Laune!

    Dog and cat treats – how healthy and useful are they really?

    Tasty snacks Whether as a reward for good behavior or just to show your pet some love - treats play an important role in the lives of our dogs and cats. But are these tasty treats good for our pets? In this blog, we explore the question of how healthy they really are, which ingredients you should pay attention to when choosing and how you can use them sensibly.
  • Ein glücklicher Hund im Frühling, dessen Fell sich im Jahreszeitenwechsel verändert.

    Finally Spring - What changes with the change of seasons for dogs?

    What changes for our four-legged friends when the seasons change? What do you have to consider and what is the best way to help your dog during the transition period? We explain all of this in this blog.
  • Hunde und Katzen lieben Hühnersuppe.

    Chicken soup not only for your four-legged friend - also for you

    We have a chicken soup recipe for dogs, cats and of course for you too! Chicken soup is also a very good option for your furry friend in the event of illness. So if your pet has a respiratory infection or the common cold, a chicken soup made with love from you will definitely promote recovery. The soup can even work wonders for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Warum Du beim Futterkauf auf hochwertige Inhaltsstoffe achten solltest

    Why you should pay attention to high-quality ingredients when buying feed

    High-quality feed is crucial for a balanced diet and therefore for health. On the other hand, cheap food of poor quality reduces the quality of life and well-being of your furry companion.
    You can find out why this is the case and how you can recognize high-quality food for pets in our blog.
  • Ein glücklicher Hund dank biologischer Ernährung mit veganem Ergänzungsfutter..

    Can you feed dogs vegan? – Benefits and Risks

    Can pets be vegan too? Naturally vegetarian companions like rabbits or guinea pigs live it up and set an example, but what about our carnivorous roommates? Can or may we feed dogs and cats vegan at all? What are possible benefits and risks? You will find the answers in this blog!
  • Smoothies für Hunde sind beliebt.

    Smoothies for dogs - unnecessary trend or ingenious?

    Smoothies for man's best friend are still not widespread. You might think this is newfangled nonsense again? In this article we explain what dog smoothies are all about. The list of advantages is long and ranges from a little joy in between to the solution of real problems such as dehydration. We will show you the benefits of smoothies for your four-legged friend, what possible uses there are and what you should consider!