Finally become vegan for dogs - Veganuary can support you!

Auch Hunde können von veganem Hundefutter profitieren.
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The new year has begun and like every year, most of us have made many good resolutions.

More sport, finally lose weight ... maybe even become vegan. Joining a gym can help with some of these resolutions. Veganuary will help you with your mission to finally become vegan or to try vegan nutrition! This initiative is designed to help people go completely vegan in January.

But what about our four-legged, actually carnivorous darlings? Can you also become vegan and if so, how does that work?

Find out with this blog!

What is the Veganuary ?

The Veganuary is an initiative from Great Britain that supports people in becoming vegan. The participants try to eat vegan for 31 days in January, i.e. first get to know the vegan way of life.
The name " Veganuary " is made up of the English words " vegan " and " january ". On the website you will not only find delicious vegan recipes, but also first steps, helpful tips and motivating daily emails.
The aim is to try out the vegan diet for a month – and of course beyond that!

Can dogs also become vegan with the Veganuary ?

To answer this basic question: Yes, dogs can also be fed vegan without any problems .

It has now been proven that a vegan diet for dogs is neither harmful nor unhealthy. Some studies even suggest that a vegan diet is healthier and reduces the risk of many diseases. The only major disadvantage is the difficult nutrient supply.

Conventional dog food with meat contains all the important nutrients in sufficient quantities so that your four-legged friend does not develop any deficiency symptoms. When developing vegan food and the feeding itself, care must be taken to ensure that your dog receives all the essential food components.

So once you have switched your darling in Veganuary to a purely vegan, nutrient-covering diet, then nothing stands in the way of your vegan lifestyle!

What do you have to look out for with vegan dog food?

Adequate nutrient coverage

As already mentioned, with vegan feeding you have to pay attention to an optimal supply of nutrients . In addition to a high protein content, all essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and important vitamins must also be included.

To ensure this, you should take a product as the main food that is labeled "complete food".

Food developed with veterinarians

You should pay particular attention to this important seal of quality when looking for a suitable animal feed : Developed with (specialist) veterinarians .
Your dog's health comes first, of course. Therefore, only use food that has been developed by specialized veterinarians who are experts in dog nutrition. So you can be sure that all necessary feed components are contained in balanced quantities.

High quality of herbal ingredients

As everywhere else , high-quality ingredients also play an important role in a vegan diet. Gentle processing guarantees, for example, that a particularly large number of nutrients such as vitamins end up with your darling. It is best to take a look at the list of ingredients and pay attention to the origin of the ingredients, information on the manufacturing process, etc. To be on the safe side, choose a food that only uses organic products, ideally from regional sources. Our recommendation: The organic vegetable cocktail from HerzensHund !

Tailored to individual needs

In addition, the vegan food should be designed for the age and activity level of your dog . A moderately exercised adult dog requires less energy and nutrients than a growing puppy or young dog, but more than a senior dog. Therefore, pay attention to the corresponding designations in the feed. ZB at Adult No 1 from Vegdog is designed for the needs of adult dogs.

How does a vegan diet change in dogs succeed?

Slow feed change

Very important: With all the zest for action and motivation at the beginning of Veganuary , you must not forget that you should only change your dog's diet slowly and gradually . A sudden change in food can give your dog digestive problems such as diarrhea, as his digestion needs time to adjust to the vegan diet. Mix in about ¼ of the new food into the meal initially and maintain this ration for a few days. If your dog tolerates this, gradually switch to ½, then ¾ meat-free diet until you finally only use the vegan product.

Prevention of malnutrition and veterinary care

In order to enable a healthy transition to a vegan lifestyle for you and your formerly carnivorous companion, it is best to let your vet guide you. Watch your loved one closely during this time. If he has digestive problems or shows signs of deficiency, for example due to dull or matt fur, quickly consult your trusted veterinarian. Through an examination and also a blood test, possible defects can be easily identified and corrected.

Vegan treats and dental care products

But not only the main food, but also all treats and dental care snacks should be slowly but surely switched to meatless products. Mix new, vegan snacks, we recommend the Beevys from Vegdog , among your previous goodies to get your darling used to them.

If your dog doesn't like these or even spits them out, just try others.

But dental care must not be neglected either! Give your furry friend plant-based tooth cleaning sticks such as Vegdog Dentals for plant-based, healthy dog ​​teeth.

Finally vegan

Living vegan is a challenge. It is difficult at the beginning to get used to it and to restrict it in everyday life, especially when it comes to the ingredients for cooking. That's why the early days are the hardest. But if you - you and your dog - have got used to the vegan diet during the Veganuary , you have mastered the first step to vegan life!

PS Switching to a vegan diet can of course happen at any time, not just in January. Start your 31-day vegan challenge when you feel ready and keep at it. We wish you every success!

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