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Anyone who loves cats knows that they are actually very friendly, easygoing and cuddly animals. Actually. But in one situation, most cats show a completely different side: at the vet. There, a loving velvet paw can quickly become a nervous scaredy-cat or even an irrepressible scratching brush. No wonder, after all, a visit to the vet is very unpleasant and stressful for cats . But what can you do to avoid this stress for your cat? In this blog, we explain how you can save your cat the stress of veterinarians with a few tips and tricks.

Tips for a stress-free visit to the vet with your cat

We love our animals and do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy. Regular vet visits are essential for this.

What you can do before that

Since your cat will have to go to the vet sooner or later, you should prepare her for a vet visit right from the start. There are a few things that you can get your velvet paw used to in advance so that it is not too stressed out in an emergency, i.e. at the vet.

On the one hand, this includes the transport box , without which a visit to the vet with a cat would not work at all. Unfortunately, most house cats have bad experiences with the transport box. So how about your cat connecting positively to a carrier? Simply place the transport box anywhere in your home and turn it into a cosy, inviting place to sleep. With a little patience you can take away the fear of the dreaded box from your mouse catcher.

It is best to get your house cat used to the examination itself. With lots of treats and stroking, you can put your sweet tooth on the table in a quiet environment, feel it a little and hold it carefully. Just make sure not to overwhelm your cat and get used to the examination step by step.

It is also very important to prepare the visit to the vet in the best possible way so that you, as the owner, do not have any stress that is passed on to your cat. Make an appointment in good time, plan a lot of time before the appointment in case there are problems with loading and transport. If you behave in a relaxed and calm manner, this also has a positive and calming effect on your darling.

What you can do meanwhile

Calm blood - this applies not only before the vet visit, but also during it.

For example, you can ask your vet if it's okay to let your cat out of the carrier before the exam. Of course, all doors and windows must be closed and there must be few hiding places.

Meanwhile she can have a look at the treatment room and come down a bit. However, if your darling is very anxious, chances are she's hiding somewhere. In this case it would be better to leave them in the safe transport box.

What you can do afterwards

When you get home, give your cuddly cat some rest. It's perfectly normal for many cats to hide at home at first. Just keep an eye on your velvet paw afterwards, especially if it has received a vaccination or other medication.

Everything for the cat? Avoid unnecessary vet visits

The best way to avoid stress at the vet is to avoid going to the vet in the first place. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should avoid a visit to the vet on "Kater komm raus". If your darling is unwell or you are unsure whether your cat is sick or in pain, by all means go to a veterinarian. Therefore, plan routine examinations and vaccinations in particular so that you combine several visits.

Another option for not having to go to the vet immediately if you have a problem or something abnormal is self-tests . For example, you can easily test your kitty's urine at home. Since cats can often have problems with bladder stones, bladder infections or kidney diseases in old age, regular check-ups are particularly useful. A manufacturer that we can recommend to you is . The demand for quality and reliability is set here. The advantage: With the help of the Pezz app, you will receive a test result checked by experts within minutes and can save yourself a nerve-wracking visit to the vet. This means for you: no risk and no stress, but the best possible health care from the comfort of your own home.

Completely relaxed at the vet's - this is possible with these aids

If, despite these tips, your cat turns out to be a real anxious patient, try different relaxing tools. You can soothe your fur nose naturally with hemp oil, for example. But fear not, this oil will not intoxicate your cat. On the contrary, the CBD it contains can have a calming and anxiolytic effect on your velvet paw. Another, gentle alternative are homeopathic preparations such as Bach flower globules . They also have a calming effect and are very easy to use and risk-free. Here we can wholeheartedly recommend Aniforte . The products are made in Germany and have natural and high-quality ingredients.

There are also so-called pheromones. These are scents that cats give off to communicate with other cats. If you absorb them through your nose, they have a stress-relieving effect. The last resort are medicinal sedatives in consultation with your veterinarian. If they are used before transport, these can reliably calm your cuddly cat.

No problems at the next vet visit

With these tips and tools, you already have a good set of strategies on how to avoid stress for your cat at the vet.

If none of this helps, we have one last tip for you: Arrange a home visit! Because some vets also offer to come directly to your home. In this way, the examination takes place in the familiar environment and without the stress of transport or the veterinary practice.

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